Boxed wine giftsyears wine has been the drink to enjoy when celebrating a special occasion. Popular in France, the production of wine has now become worldwide and is enjoyed in almost every country in the world.

Red and white wine for special occasions

The Great Gift Company has a range of boxed wine gifts that are the perfect celebratory present for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or welcome home, wine is the best accompaniment to any special event. All of our boxed wine gifts are available with UK delivery, so if you can’t be there for that occasion, you can send a present to help them celebrate. Take a look at some of our top wine gifts.

Magnum of red wine in wooden box (£70.00)

The wine in this gift is made from 40-year-old vines, giving it an exquisite taste that you won’t find anywhere else. The five-year-old wine is a fine blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Enjoy two bottles of red wine in one with this beautifully presented magnum of red wine.

Two bottles of fine French wine (£30.00)

This gift is suited to those with a different taste for wine. Made in the Languedoc region of France from small growers, the gift features a bottle of award-winning Merlot, a smooth wine with hints of ground chocolate and coffee.

Also included is a bottle of refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with citrus fruits and elderflower. For a sophisticated celebration, order the two bottles of fine French wine today.

Duo of white wines in wooden box (£30.00)

Presented in a keepsake box, these two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc are a great gift for all white wine lovers. A perfect accompaniment to salads and fish, they are ideal for a dinner party or summer celebration.

Surprise family and friends today with the Duo of white wines in a wooden box.

Award-winning French wines (£30.00)

Delivered in a wooden box, these two bottles of award-winning Merlot are a rich, smooth wine, perfect to be enjoyed with red meat and hearty meals. A full-bodied wine for any red wine lover.

Celebrate in style with the award-winning French wines gift.

Get UK delivery on all wine gifts

If you want to deliver a taste of France to your family and friends for their special occasion, select a luxurious wine gift from our full collection of drinks hampers.

All wine gifts are eligible for UK delivery, so no matter where you are in the world you can choose a gift to send to your love one within the UK. For more details, please see our delivery information