What we love most about Christmas at The Great Gift Hamper Company is spending time with the people (and animals!) that we care for most, as well as the opportunity to treat everyone in our lives to a special gift. And that includes our furry friends too!

Pets truly are amongst our nearest and dearest and that's why we’ve got a range of Christmas treats for pets so you can show your pet how much you appreciate them.

From dog wreaths to cat hampers and more, take a look at the following fantastic Christmas treats for pets from The Great Gift Hamper Company .

Cat Hampurrr (£49.00)

We all know how difficult it can be to get your cat’s attention but with the delights that feature in the fantastic Cat Hampurrr, you’re sure to go up in your moggy’s estimation.

The Cat Hampurrr consists of a Bertie the Budgie cat toy, luxurious kitty treats, gourmet cat food, some crunchy nibbles and a pur-fect mug (for you none-the-less!).

Deluxe Gift Hamper for Dogs (£49.00)

You’ll love giving your dog our Deluxe Gift Hamper for Dogs this Christmas. Not only will the hamper add fun and amusement to your Christmas, you’ll make your dog’s day too!

Containing a range of different dog treats and a mug for you, the Deluxe Gift Hamper for Dogs is presented in a bone-shaped wicker basket.

Dog Biscuit Christmas Wreath (£19.99)

Dogs love nothing more than chewing on treats and bones, and the two are combined with the Dog Biscuit Christmas Wreath. Featuring 13 large bone-shaped treats and 13 smaller bone-shaped treats, it makes a fantastic gift for your pooch and doubles as a festive decoration! 

Get Christmas Gift Hampers for your Pets!

If you would like some more information about our Christmas gifts for pets from The Great Gift Hamper Company, get in touch with our gift hamper experts online or alternatively speak to us direct if you can' t quite find what you're  looking for on 01488 669004.