Father's Day Presents for Foodies

What dad isn’t a food fan? At some point he’s probably polished off your plate when you’ve been full up and is a dab-hand at throwing a good BBQ.

Whether he is into burgers, gourmet servings, or is a health and fitness fanatic, you’ll find a fantastic food-related Father’s Day gift in our selection of presents for foodies.

Gift hampers and boxes for Dad

It’s always tricky to find a present for Dad, he either has everything or doesn’t want anything and will be happy just to see you on his special day. The Great Gift Hamper Company has the answer, with our amazing selection of Father’s Day hampers, you can surprise him with his favourite foods, beer or treats that he’d love to share with you.

Boys Night in Hamper (£29.99)

If your dad loves to relax with a bottle of beer whilst snacking and watching his favourite TV show, then the Boys Night in Hamper is the perfect gift for him. Stuffed with Stella Artois and delicious savoury snacks, including peanuts, cheese crumbles and straws, he can munch all day this Father’s Day!

Connoisseur’s Choice (£170.00)

If your budget is slightly bigger then splash out on the Connoisseur’s Choice hamper, filled with fine wines, champagne, gourmet snacks and luxurious treats for a truly special gift. The tasty items are presented in a traditional wicker basket which can be reused to hold fruit and veg in the kitchen, or tools in his workshop!

Things to do on Father’s Day

Sometimes it’s not all about the gifts you give but the things you do for him that matter, so we have some suggestions for you that include both! Show your old man how much he means to you with these wonderful ways to show your appreciation.

Cook him dinner

Your dad might enjoy food but he probably doesn’t enjoy cooking! Make him a meal with all the trimmings with this steak and chips recipe, easy to make and extremely tasty! He’ll appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into making a delicious meal just for him on Father’s Day!

Bake his favourite cake

You don’t just have to make a cake for his birthday! Cake is perfect for any occasion, so make his favourite chocolate, fruit or Victoria sponge cake for Father’s Day. He can share it with all the family and you can take the credit for a delicious cake!

More gift hampers for Dad

The Great Gift Hamper Company have lots of options for you to choose from with our range of delicious food gifts and Father’s Day hampers. If you would like any more information on the products in our hampers or would like some help choosing the perfect present, contact us online.