Champagne and Truffles hamper for Mother's Day

Spoil your mum with chocolate and Champagne this Mother's Day

There is no better gift to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day than luxury chocolates and Champagne, of course! Why not show your mum just how much she means to you with a bottle of bubbly and some indulgent chocolates this March?

Why do we give Champagne? Champagne has been associated with luxury and royalty for as long as we can remember and is often popped open at parties and special occasions. Champagne has now symbolically become recognised as the drink to mark joyous occasions and is often poured over winning sportsmen and women, even if they don’t actually take a sip! However, most of us are partial to a taste of Champagne (or at least a glassful!) and are overjoyed to receive the sparkling wine as a special gift. Nothing but the best Champagne, a sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France, features in our gift boxes here at The Great Gif Hamper Company.

The Magnum of Champagne is a bottle that will go down a treat for Mother’s Day. What’s more, our magnum comes in a beautiful wooden box that features a sliding lid, and can be re-used. The Magnum of Champagnes is a 1.5 litre bottle of Champagne that offers the same servings as two bottles of Champagne. What’s more, here at The Great Gift Hamper Company, we have chosen the Autreau Premier Cru Brut NV Champagne. It is a luxury, high-quality blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes that will be a true treat for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Throw in the chocolates!

Adding chocolate to the mix, with a great big bottle of bubbly will certainly go down a treat this Mother’s Day for mums who like their wine and scrummy choccies. The Champagne and Truffles gift box from The Great Gift Hamper Company also arrives in a lovely, re-useable wooden box, similarly to the Magnum of Champagne above. The bottle of Champagne nestled in this gift is a 75cl bottle of Autreau-Roualet Brut Reserve NV Champagne and is a type of sparkling wine made from premium grapes. The truffles? Well, they’ve recently won a Great Taste Award and a sure to impress even the fussiest of chocolate-eaters (if fussy chocolate-eaters exist, anyway!). Your mum? She’ll be over the moon with them! You wait.

Champagne and Chocolates from The Great Gift Hamper Company

When you opt for Champagne and chocolates from The Great Gift Hamper Company, you can be sure to give your mum a true treat this Mother’s Day! Please note that we only sell Champagne to customers over the age of 18 and you will need to prove that you are of legal age to purchase alcohol upon delivery.

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