Sweet Treats for Valentines Day

The Great Gift Hamper Company have a range of fantastic sweet treats for Valentine’s day that will leave your other half feeling super satisfied!

Our Valentine’s Day range of sweets include a wide variety of different romantic food gifts to suit all tastes. From a jar of sweeties for £10.00 to a bouquet of chocolates for £25.00 or luxury chocolate truffles, there’s a sweet treat for you both to enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tasty hampers

Be My Baby (£10.00)

The Be My Baby sweetie jar is exclusive to The Great Gift Hamper Company and contains a range of fruity, colourful jelly babies that are deliciously sweet!

As well as offering a tasty treat for your Valentine, a card is attached, providing the perfect place for you to add your own personal message to the gift. Ah- how sweet!

Bouquet of Chocolates (£25.00)

Surprise your other half with a glorious selection of chocolates presented in a beautiful bouquet. A great alternative to flowers and will last much longer!

Order your Bouquet of Chocolates in time for Valentine’s Day from The Great Gift Hamper Company!

Jar of Hearts (£10.00)

Everbody loves Haribo hearts and you can show your loved one how much they mean to you with a jar full of them!  The Jar of Hearts is a special gift and for £10 it won’t break the bank!

Ferrero Rocher Tree (£50.00)

The Ferrero Rocher Tree is a great gift for all occasions, especially Valentine’s Day! With no less than 55 chocolates, you can indulge in chocolate until your heart’s content!  

Bouquet of Sweets and Chocolates (£20.00)

Another sweet alternative to a bouquet of flowers is the Bouquet of Sweets and Chocolates, including some retro favourites for you to enjoy together on Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Fondue Gift Box (£30.00)

Perfect for a film night, the Chocolate Fondue Gift Box gives you an endless choice of snacks to enjoy. It comes with giant Haribo Marshmallows and milk chocolate buttons for melting! You can dip strawberries, profiteroles and other tasty snacks for an indulgent sweet treat this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Hamper Company

The Great Gift Hamper Company have a wide range of extra special gift hampers and boxes for Valentine’s Day. Treat your loved one with a luxurious present and celebrate together! For more information on our gift hampers, get in touch with The Great Gift Hamper Company online or call us directly on 01488 669004